Game Features


Playing games where your character can beat up other players is fun and there are plenty of games out there for that.  But this game has features that you will not find in other games.

Be the Player

Other games let you press buttons to do all the work.  Martial Knights puts you into the game.  You train with a unique instructor.  The Switch will give you continuous feedback as to how close your moves are to your super hero instructor.  Your whole body will be doing the work.

Mental Resilience

Not only does this game test your physical limits, your mental attitude will also be challenged.  This game is not all about grinding to the next level.  You will be handsomely rewarded when your mind and body work as one.

Free and Premium Content

This game is free to download and comes with 7 free instructors and 15 backgrounds.  It also has free music you can use.  There will be premium content that you can purchase to bring things up a notch.  Variety is the spice of life.  Check out the premium content, updated regularly.