Be a Super Hero


Discover the new world and train

World Class Training in a Video Game

This game is programmed with specific martial arts moves designed by world class instructors. With easy to follow avatars that look and act like real life super heroes. You get to choose who you want to play as. With many variations and looks you can choose who and how you want to train.

each character, has a theme and their element (wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Reduce Stress

Lets face it you are physically tested as well as mentally tested in the world today.  You need a quiet place to practice your mental powers.  Stress tests in this game will also help you understand ways to deal with situations using your mind.

Strengthen Muscles

Constantly performing movements not only develops coordination and flexibility but also strength.  Muscles developed from playing Martial Knights have real world applications.  After playing this game for long periods of time will allow you to open that jar of sauce that you never could before.

Burn Calories

Trying to lose weight by playing video games is a little difficult.  Unless you play a game that has you getting up on your feet.  If you play Martial Knights long enough you will start to burn calories.  How many calories is up to you and how hard you play.

Gain Fitness and Health

Much like fitness boxing helps you with cardio and aerobic exercises, this game pushes your limits.  At any level that you are at in your health, this game will give you a work out.  The best part is that it will not even feel like a workout, it will feel like playing a game.

Have Greater Flexibility

The stretching exercises will give your body an increased range of motion.  You will be able to reach things in your house that you struggled for in the past.  All thanks to a video game that helps you as you play.

Improve Your Coordination

Giving you points when you perform actions correctly force you to do them better.  You will notice that you become more coordinated in your daily life.  Things that were difficult for you to do now become easier.

Get the help of instructors that know what they are doing. With ancient techniques used by many of the super heroes you see in movies today. You will get the best training and it will seem like you are just playing a video game.